A Tweet accusing Jews of being the “Synagogue of Satan”

That’s what Facebook made from advertising alone in 2019[1], across 2.45 billion active users[2]. That comes out to about $28.5 dollars per active user for the year.
Twitter made about $3,000,000,000 dollars in 2019[3], across 330 million users[4]. That’s about $9 dollars per user.

It’s no secret that advertising money is what keeps the Internet running; ads have been a part of Internet life for so long that any of us have simply started tuning them out without thinking about it — just not noticing them when they’re there, or using an adblocker so that they don’t show up at…

A sneak peek of what abilities look like, from the development server. Liable to change…

Recently, the Codidact team announced that an entirely new Abilities system is in development; this is the system that will allow people to earn new privileges and perform trusted actions within the system.

Now that that’s finally been officially announced — instead of just cryptic Tweets — I thought I’d get a bit more into the reasoning and thoughts behind this. Buckle up…

When dealing with any sort of online community, you’re going to come across the question of barriers to entry. …

“We’re there to help and empower, not to dictate.”

I sat down over Discord with Codidact team member and former Stack Exchange contributor Monica Cellio to have a chat about the project and her involvement and goals. If you’re unfamiliar with what Codidact is, that’s fine; an overview is given in the interview, or you can read my previous article on the subject.

The questions I asked are in bold below, while Monica’s responses are underneath each question.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself to get us started, please?

I’ve been online for approximately forever — got…

A few well-worn copies of the Riordanverse books.

At a first glance, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson look very similar.

They both feature a young (pre-)teenage boy as the protagonist, who discovers he has powers, goes to a special place to train, and then has to team up with a group of friends to fight monsters, rescue friends, and take down an evil enemy. Both even share many of the same creatures and monsters: A three-headed dog, ghosts, dragons… Both series have legions of fans — and, indeed, those groups of fans often overlap.

Recently, though, Rick Riordan’s famous Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (and its sequels…

Update June 26, 2020: Codidact now has several sites up and running. You can visit https://codidact.com to get a list of existing communities.

“For the community. By the community.”

On the surface, these six words — the tagline of the Codidact project — are simple and rather dull. Yet these two short sentences are what set Codidact apart from anything else, and the reason Codidact might yet prevail in its mission where others have failed.

But what mission is that? And what is it about these lines about community that makes it so special? …

You’ve probably heard the term “Antisemitism” before. It’s been in colloquial usage for over a century at this point, and over that time it has in essence become the “standard” way to refer to anti-Jewish sentiment.
Unfortunately, that’s a problem. The term “Antisemitism” is problematic for several reasons, which we’ll get into now.

What does “Antisemitism” mean?

First off, let’s start with the literal meaning of “Antisemite”. Simply, it’s putting together “anti”, meaning against, with “Semite”. So what is a “Semite”?
Well… that’s complicated. The word comes from the Biblical character of שם (pronounced Shem), one of the three sons of…

The Imgur logo.

You’ve probably heard of Imgur. The ubiquitous image-sharing platform was founded in 2009 as a way for users to share images on Reddit and other platforms. Since then, it’s swelled in popularity. It’s used to host millions of images across the web. It’s got both Android and iOS apps. It has its own community of people on Imgur itself. It’s over 10 years old now.

But Imgur still hasn’t figured out what, exactly, Imgur is.

Most people think of Imgur as a place to upload images. After all, that is what it was created to do, and, I’d say, what…

(an image of a handshake, with one hand coming out of a computer screen)

Dates are approximate, as a lot of the stuff being referenced here no longer can be found on the internet. I might be shifting things by whole years in my head, but the exact dates aren’t the important bit.

This is a tribute to the first internet community I was a part of, the 39 Clues Message Board. As it has now recently been shut down, I feel that an obituary is in order. (This may have been written in a way that is a little confusing to anyone not already familiar with the sites. You’ve been warned.)




Would you be able to use the internet for three months without a mouse? I did exactly that. Here’s what I learned.


A few months back, my laptop suffered a slight mishap — the cord, which was old and frayed, suddenly sparked, then smoked, and I found myself with a dead cord. No big deal — I could simply head over the local computer guy and replace it. Unfortunately, he didn’t have one that matched my computer. Alright.
Being related to a tech geek, I had a couple old laptops sitting in the “graveyard”. I could take out the hard drive…

Some people don’t think that open source software serves any point. Here, I’m going to try to explain why I think that open source is important.

What is open source?

Open source is software that anyone can see the entire code for, and can then use that to create their own version of this software or to help improve the original. I’m going to use the SmokeDetector project as an example.

Why is open source valuable, both for me personally and in general?

Let’s take an example of an open source project: SmokeDetector. It’s a chatbot designed to help detect…


Cyclist, bibliophile, musician, writer, photographer, internet addict. Community enthusiast; barely an adult.

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